Managing a store relocation project
A Marks and Spencer case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study describes the relocation in 1994 of the Marks & Spencer store in Kendal. The situation presented is a relatively unusual example of store development for the company – not just because it involves a relocation, but because it involves the acquisition and refitting of an existing supermarket.Marks & Spencer is committed to offering its customers high quality products...
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Page 2: Why relocate?

Paul explains some of the background to the project. “Kendal is a busy market town in Cumbria on the south-eastern edge of the Lake District National Park, which is a popular tourist area. The town is close to the M6 motorway and about 25 miles north of Lancaster. The map shows our current store in Kendal at 18-20 Stricklandgate.It’s a prime location in the High Street, where we are at...
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Page 3: Research

Paul explains, “In the case of Kendal, the whole process really got underway once the Estates Department had kicked off serious interest in the Fine-Food site on 9th August 1993. I was involved from the beginning when we were doing the feasibility research, arguing vigorously in favour of the resite. A lot of research went into estimating the turnover and a host of factors were considered...
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Page 4: Planning

Mike explains how the building work is likely to develop over the next few weeks and the current position on planning approvals. “The building contractor will have access to the site from 14th February and within a fortnight there will be scenes of organised chaos, peppered with hoardings, huts and hard hats. The building contractor will spend two weeks or so preparing the site and then...
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Page 5: Objectives

Paul is not sure yet when his new store might open. “In the early days of considering the Fine-Food site, I favoured Easter for the opening or certainly no later than the spring bank holiday at the end of May, all of which are classic times to open – particularly Easter because not only is it a peak in itself, but it is also a good opportunity then to hit the kind of merchandise...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The store relocation at Kendal had a positive impact upon Kendal as a town. No trade was lost and the dressing of the store was managed without disruption. A year after the opening of the new store there has been considerable investment in the town’s retail provision, with new retail developments close to the Marks & Spencer site. The new store helped to provide this change of focus...
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