How McCain responds to changes in the external environment
A McCain Foods case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Change comes from a number of sources Social, Legal, Economic, Political and Technological. Change is the one constant in the business environment.

This case study has illustrated how these changes have affected McCain, particularly in relation to its core products.

Because McCain is a market-focussed company, it recognises that it has to respond to what its consumers want. There are clear indicators that today's consumers want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Consumers are increasingly aware of food content and food issues. More and more people look at food labelling and read information in the press about what is good for them. They listen to people like Jamie Oliver and government spokespeople. They listen to advice from teachers and nutritionalists.

The challenge has been, and continues to be, to prepare chips and potato products in the healthiest way possible. Fortunately for McCain, it has market researchers and food technologists who enable the company to keep in tune with the changing environment.

McCain's advertising supports the company's message that chips are nutritionally acceptable provided they are made in the right way. The challenge now is to keep listening to consumers and to the external environment in order to continue to give those consumers the best value healthy chips and other food products.

Of course the choice rests with the consumer. What do you think? Is McCain doing the right thing?

McCain Foods | How McCain responds to changes in the external environment



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