Not enough people are graduating with the skills needed to fill thousands of IT jobs in Scotland, employers’ bodies have said.  The IT sector has been creating 7,000 jobs a year but last year only 1,500 students graduated in computing, according to E-skills UK. (BBC, 10th September 2012)

Polly Purvis, executive director of ScotlandIS, said: ‘The technology sector is growing four times faster than the Scottish average but, despite being a highly paid sector with excellent working conditions, we don’t have enough skilled staff to fill the vacancies.’

This skills gap is being seen across the UK.  Logica, an IT services organisation which generates innovative and unique solutions for its clients, has recognised that this skills gap is a potential major external influence on its business.  It has therefore introduced a strategy of direct training with apprenticeships and an enhanced graduate scheme, with sponsored degrees, to develop its pool of future talent.

Additional strategies include focusing on promoting IT careers to women through its IT clubs in schools.  This aims to increase the diversity of Logica’s future workforce, bringing the company a wider range of skills and competencies to enable it to exploit future opportunities.

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