Health & Safety in the modern workplace
A MFI Furniture Group case study

Page 5: Safety advisors

Each business must have the services of a competent safety professional - this has been made a legal requirement by the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations, 1992. The named person can be directly employed as a Safety Advisor or Safety Manager. In a smaller business, a Safety Consultant may be employed.

MFI uses a team of four Safety Advisors under the direction of one Safety Manager for its retailing business (MFI Furniture Centres Ltd) and its trade business (Howden Joinery Ltd). Following training, safety professionals have to keep up-to-date with legislative changes by:

  • reading journal articles
  • attending regional health and safety meetings
  • attending seminars and conferences on safety issues
  • reading specialist safety bulletins and updates produced by information companies.

MFI Furniture Group | Health & Safety in the modern workplace


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