Keeping employees motivated is a key task for managers and a major part of this is understanding what incentives or rewards will most persuade individuals.  Motivation may take various forms – financial, such as pay, or non-financial, such as recognition for a job well done.

ARM, the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property, relies on its highly motivated people to generate the innovation needed to keep its premier market position.  Its approach to motivation includes a focus on continuous learning and development to recognise achievement, alongside financial reward through its equity scheme.

A new incentive scheme has recently been launched to encourage a change in behaviour by rewarding people for walking and cycling in London.  It is hoped the plan will reduce congestion and pollution and boost fitness in the capital. More than 100 short journeys on the London Tube are thought to be faster if undertaken on foot. (BBC, 8th May 2012)

The re:route scheme involves downloading a mobile app through which people can collect points for journeys made by bike or on foot. The points gained through re:route can then be redeemed against offers and discounts from a range of companies including Marks and Spencer, Planet Organic and Champneys.

Ben Plowden, director of planning for Transport for London (TfL) surface transport, said: ‘More people cycling and walking will help to reduce congestion on our roads and on our busy public transport network.  An initiative like re:route is a great way to help TfL achieve these goals. We’re particularly excited about the potential for this app to motivate people to cycle and walk during the London 2012 Games, when London’s roads and public transport network will be at their busiest.’

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