Vision, values and their influence on business strategy
A National Express case study

Page 1: Introduction

If you have travelled by road recently it is highly likely that you will have seen the familiar sight of a National Express coach. As the UK’s largest scheduled coach operator, National Express has more than 520 vehicles, covering around 84 million miles to reach nearly 1,000 destinations across England, Scotland and Wales each year. As well as providing regular, scheduled coach services...
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Page 2: Business Strategy

Business strategy refers to the overall plan for a business. The strategy sets out the direction for the company and what it wants to achieve in the long term for business success. The strategy defines which markets the business needs to compete in, which activities will give it a competitive edge and how its resources will be used to achieve the overall plan. To remain competitive an organisation...
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Page 3: Vision and Values

A business such as National Express Coach needs a core vision that remains constant while its business strategies and practices continuously adapt to a changing world. In an increasingly competitive global environment, without a clear vision a business will lack direction and may not survive. A vision should be both aspirational and inspirational for stakeholders. The Vision and Values were...
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Page 4: Growth

An aspirational vision and an ambitious strategy are all tools for business growth. Most companies need to grow to stay in business and having the right strategy is a way that enables a business to achieve growth. Business growth can be realised by increasing market share, new product or service development as well as diversifying into different markets, all of which can improve profitability. The...
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Page 5: Conclusion

Business strategy is derived from the overriding vision and values of an organisation. These steer the company in the direction it wants to take for future business growth. A company is not always simply driven by profits. Having a strong set of values and a culture that puts the customer first enables a business to explore different business opportunities that allow it to grow, while...
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