The business of nuclear decommissioning
A Nuclear Decommissioning Authority case study

Page 2: Management by objectives

Everyone that works for an organisation or is involved in implementing a plan should have a clear idea of where they are going. They need a sense of direction.

The principle behind Management by Objectives (MbO) is to make sure that everyone in the organisation has a clear understanding of the objectives of the organisation and their responsibilities in achieving those targets.

You can easily see how this relates to the NDA. The NDA has a clear sense of direction which is set out in a mission statement. The mission and the objectives associated with it are then communicated to everyone involved in the process of environmental restoration.

an MbO exampleThe MbO process can be seen as a cyclical one. An overall sense of direction is given through a mission statement (overall purpose). This makes it possible to establish objectives.

Progress in meeting objectives is monitored and evaluated so that managers can see if targets have been achieved. This is then used to check if any of the original objectives need to be adjusted.

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