From bean to bar - the production process
A Nestlé case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Large confectionery companies meet customer requirements with a wide selection of different types of chocolate products to meet a variety of tastes. A company like Nestlé is involved at every stage of the production chain. It gets to know as many people as possible in the supply chain, providing growers with technical advice, advising intermediaries about quality issues, and of course researching the market to find out what the consumer wants.

Large organisations like Nestlé are able to pass on to us the benefits of economies of scale, coupled with their experience of producing high quality chocolates over many years. As a result, we consumers are able to enjoy products built around cocoa beans from a small farm and transformed by complex production processes into sophisticated products such as Quality Street, Smarties, Aero, or many other forms of chocolate product.

Nestlé | From bean to bar - the production process


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