The power of love
A Nestlé case study

Page 6: The success of the first series

Originally the first series was intended to run for six episodes. Due to its success, it ran for 12 episodes over five and a half years. There was a series of spin-offs based on the advertisements, including a full-length novel about the characters, called Love Over Gold, which became a bestseller. The success of the book led to a new tradition for Gold Blend; major promotions based on romantic themes were organised on each subsequent St. Valentine's Day. The Love Over Gold compact disc reached number three in the album charts within two weeks of its release in 1993. Even the search for a new Gold Blend girl for the second series of advertisements captured the nation's imagination. The Sun newspaper joined in the search and more than 4,000 women applied for the job.

As the story reached its climax, interest was so extreme that employees from both Nestlé and their advertising agency were offered large sums of money to reveal what happened next. All good stories come to an end and in early 1993 the first series closed with a compilation screening of all eleven episodes and a final commercial to round off the plot.

Nestlé | The power of love


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