New product development npd


It is one thing to develop new techniques, materials and technological processes. What makes a business successful is the ability to use such techniques and processes to deliver production competitively. Portakabin operates in a market that is extremely sensitive to changes in the external environment. In particular, changes relating to both limiting carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency. These all come through the design stage into new product development (NPD). Being a sustainable business is part of the culture of Portakabin.

Recently Portakabin launched its latest product, the Yorkon Building System (YBS). This new product is at the cutting edge of modular building technology. Its design is the culmination of extensive planning involving market research, research and development. NPD is vital for many organisations across a variety of industries. For Samsung, NPD is driven by advancements in technology. For example, Samsung has launched a smartphone handset called the Galaxy Round with a curved display screen. This new design should be less prone to damage than the rigid display screen in a traditional handset.(BBC, 9th October 2013)


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