Nutrition health wellness new product development at nestle


Businesses operate in markets that are constantly changing. Consumer tastes and expectations are always on the move. This case study examines a market-focused innovation developed by Nestlé. It explores the development of Maggi ‘A Natural Choice’: a range of culinary (cooking) products that is primarily targeted at chefs. Nestlé is the world’s leading food company. Since it was set up by Henri Nestlé to provide an infant food product, it has been associated with providing high quality, customer and consumer focused products. In recent years it has focused on becoming a nutrition, health and wellness company. Wellness is about supporting people to live more healthy lives e.g. through the development of probiotic yoghurts that help maintain the balance of the digestive system. The company is a world leader in research and development, and Nestlé’s scientists work in all areas to create healthier and more nutritious foods. Maggi is an important brand for Nestlé. It is a global brand – widely recognised as a consumer and foodservices brand in continental Europe. In the UK, Maggi consists of a range of culinary aid products that are exclusively available to the catering trade (known as ‘foodservice’) – primarily to chefs. Maggi ‘A Natural…

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