Customer service as a strategy
A Parcelforce Worldwide case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Parcelforce Worldwide is a major player in the parcel delivery market in the UK. It also provides international services by partnering with other providers around the globe. The parcel delivery market is highly competitive. Parcelforce Worldwide needs to differentiate itself from the competition. It has adopted a strategy based on quality customer service. This distinguishes its business from its competitors. It has improved efficiency and changed its focus from volume (the number of parcels carried) to value (what the customer wants - getting parcels there on time).

Parcelforce Worldwide regards its people as its most important asset. It is developing the skills of its people to deliver high levels of customer service. By putting customers at the heart of its strategy, Parcelforce Worldwide aims to achieve competitive advantage.

Parcelforce Worldwide | Customer service as a strategy



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