Strategy, competitive advantage and the promotional mix
A Polestar Group case study

Page 0: Introduction

If you have ever been tempted by a promotional item on the front cover of a magazine, played a scratchcard game, received information about Tesco's loyalty card, flicked through a holiday brochure or ordered something through the Ikea catalogue then, you are likely to have come into contact with The Polestar Group. Polestar is a leading independent printing company serving publishing, retail...
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Page 1: Mission and market

A mission statement sets out why an organisation exists. Having a mission statement helps to clarify what the business is trying to achieve; internally it sets out what is important to the company and influences how resources are allocated and how people behave. The Polestar Group's mission is: 'To be Europe's most innovative, profitable and customer-focused printing company'. This means that...
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Page 2: Strategy

A company's strategy is its long term plan to achieve its objectives. A strategy needs to take account of the competitive environment in which the company is operating and the market opportunities that exist. Polestar's strategy aims to focus on having the best people and the best machinery and on achieving consistent high quality by: meeting delivery schedules ensuring the quality of...
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Page 3: The marketing mix

The combination of factors that influence a customer's decision to buy a product is known as the marketing mix or 4Ps: Price - What does the product cost? What are the terms of payment? Is credit offered? Product - What benefit does the product provide? What particular features and specifications does it have? How does it compare to competitors' products? Promotion - The way in which a...
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Page 4: Conclusion

The Polestar Group's customers need to spend their marketing budgets effectively to achieve their desired results - for example more sales of magazines or a higher response rate to a mailshot. To achieve their goals companies are looking for innovative methods of promotion such as writing personally to customers, including free gifts or having an unusually designed cover. To do this they need...
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