How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge
A Portakabin case study

Page 1: Introduction

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For over 45 years, Portakabin has been producing modular buildings that can be constructed quickly and simply. The business was founded in 1961 by Donald Shepherd. He believed in innovation and development to meet the varying needs of a wide range of different customers. It is this flexibility and attention to the customer that ensures Portakabin is a leader in the field with 17% of the UK...
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Page 2: Understanding the Portakabin market

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Portakabin has a broad customer base with complex and diverse needs. Examples of its typical customers include: growing businesses that do not want to relocate choose to add a Portakabin modular office to existing space doctors' surgeries or childcare centres which need specialised features, such as easy-clean surfaces or child-level windows schools that have a temporary growth in numbers...
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Page 3: Primary and secondary market research

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Customers' needs for accommodation change because of many factors. The main factors are changes in new technology, demands of health and safety, stricter legislation and the need to respond to different working patterns. Businesses have to find solutions quickly to keep up to date. They also need to allow for further changes in the future. Portakabin has to be able to understand and respond to...
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Page 4: Secondary research at Portakabin

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Secondary research has helped Portakabin to create new products that ensure a productive and engaged workforce. This gives them a competitive edge. The company used the results of a recent Gallup Management Journal survey of U.S. employees to help them to design and produce two new buildings called the Ultima Vision building and the Portakabin Solus building. Using secondary research The...
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Page 5: Product development

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Ongoing primary research examining customer satisfaction has provided Portakabin with a wealth of information. Developing effective services for its customers to meet their key needs means it remains market leader. Research into the effect of the environment on workforce productivity and satisfaction has enabled Portakabin to offer further added-value options in its product range. Portakabin...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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One aim of Portakabin is to maintain its position as the leading manufacturer of modular buildings in the UK. To achieve this Portakabin needs to deliver the right service and products to its customers. This requires that it is aware of the changing nature of its customers' needs and responds to them in a cost effective and innovative way. Portakabin pays keen attention to creating new...
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