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A Portakabin case study

Page 3: Above-the-line promotion

Above-the-line promotion involves the use of advertising to reach a mass audience. It is mainly used to reach consumers but it can be used in B2B markets. Advertising creates general brand awareness. Various media can carry the advertising message. These have different strengths and weaknesses:

  • Television and radio can reach a wide range of consumers. Portakabindoes not use these media for promoting to businesses. It is difficult to measure responses. It is also expensive a typical television advertising campaign might cost £500,000.
  • The national press and consumer magazines are aimed mainly at consumers. As market leader, Portakabinhas high brand awareness. It does not need to promote widely to this audience. It is also difficult to measure responses from newspaper and magazine advertising.
  • Trade journals target a business audience. Portakabin places articles or advertorials in selected trade journals when it needs to highlight its products and services to other businesses. It also does this to differentiate its brand from competitors. This is known as 'brand defence'.

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