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Strategy Business Case Studies Volume 1 eBook


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The first of the strategy focussed e-books collects 20 open and easy-to-read case studies that look at a business start-up, development and sectors of industry. One of the case studies even centres on Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne. To make sure your whole school or university can access the e-book, your teacher can choose the ‘Network Licence’.

The e-book is helpful whatever stage you’re at with your education, whether you’re just choosing your GSCEs or you’re a few years into a degree, it’s a useful source filled with relevant info written alongside big businesses. The volume has many interesting case studies about social and environmental responsibility, enterprise and sectors of industry.

You can use the e-book in the classroom or at home to keep you in the curriculum loop and in the know about many of the most important strategies of modern businesses.

The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online.
The titles of the business studies case studies included in this eBook are:
  • Social and environmental responsibility

This case study highlights how Anglo American contributes to sustainable development through being socially and environmentally responsible.  

  • Supporting new business start-ups

This case study looks at the challenges of setting up a new business and at some of the decisions that must be made by a budding entrepreneur.  

  • Improving strategic decision making

This case study looks at a structured approach to decision making, showing how CIMA-trained management accountants have the skills to offer strategic, practical advice, able to contribute to effective decision making at all business levels.  

  • From ice-cream van to Dragons' Den - Duncan Bannatyne

This case study focuses on Duncan Bannatyne, one of the UK's best-known entrepreneurs.  

  • Enterprise in the fast lane

This case study focuses on the entrepreneur, Peter Cruddas, who set up his own business CMC Markets in the early 1990s with just £10,000 capital.  

  • Intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship

This case study shows how the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) helps owners and entrepreneurs to protect their ideas or concepts by registering their intellectual property rights.  

  • The importance of entrepreneurship in small businesses

This case study helps students understand entrepreneurship and its importance to the economy as well as types of ownership.  

  • Entrepreneurship in engineering

This case study examines the relationship between engineering and enterprise and the role that the Institution of Engineer (IET) has played in developing engineer entrepreneurs.  

  • Strategic growth in the retail fashion industry

This case study looks at how asos.com uses the Internet as a channel for business growth.

  • Growth through investment

This case study looks at the strategies used by Bibby Line Group to grow the business, whilst retaining a strong family ethos.  

  • Meeting needs in a competitive sector

This case study outlines how deregulation, organisational structure and planning can support the growth of a company.  

  • Pursuing a growth strategy

This case study helps students understand how companies grow by meeting needs.  

  • Growing a company by international acquisition

This case study describes and analyses the growth of the Davis Service Group.  

  • Securing customers' interests through mutual ownership

This case study demonstrates that all businesses have ownership and management structures, and the need for an organisation’s structures to be appropriate to the organisation’s purpose and vision.  

  • Creating and effective organisational structure

This case study demonstrates the organisational structure of The Coca-Cola Company is designed to meet its own particular requirements.  

  • Developing a sustainable supply chain to add value

This case study will explore how Lafarge UK is active in all three sector of industry and how it manages the need to develop the business alongside protecting the environment and respect for local communities.  

  • Sectors of industry

This case study shows the importance of primary sector activities in the oil and gas industry, highlighting the range of work and the skills required.  

  • Building societies and other types of organisation

This case study outlines different types of business organisations and their purpose. It highlights the similarities and differences between other types of business and building societies.  

  • Integration in the public sector – HMRC

This case study helps students understand how integration in the public sector benefits stakeholders, mirroring private sector mergers and acquisitions.

  • Businesses and taxation

This case study explains how strong business growth can benefit the UK by creating employment and raising tax revenues.  

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Pages: 82
Language: English
Publisher: Business Case Studies (15 February 2013)
ISBN: 978-1-909918-12-2
Number of volumes: 3

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