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The Finance Collection - Business Case Studies Archive CD ROM


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This CD ROM contains 14 unique case studies to help you get your head around the tricky finance side of the curriculum. While it’s not always your favourite part of studying business, these open and easy-to-read case studies will help you get all the info you need to excel. Your teacher can opt for the ‘Network Licence’ to make sure your entire school or university can access the CD.
Finance puts a lot of students off, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging as it’s made out to be. All the case studies were written alongside businesses investing in your education, and all the content is presented so that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a GSCE or university student, you can benefit from the CD.
The case studies will help you brush up on budgeting and strategy, investment and cash flow, among other topics. You can revise in the classroom or library, or you can use the CD on your home computer.  
The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online. 
The titles of the business studies case studies included on this CD ROM are:
  • Financial statements and reporting

This case study helps students understand the process of setting, reporting and evaluating financial performance.  

  • Trading places

This case study is intended to provide an understanding of the accounting process and how accounting information meets the needs and requirements of many different groups of people.

  • The importance of accounting standards

This case study explains the role of professional consultancy services in helping companies meet rigorous accounting standards.  

  • Planning a budget

This case study shows how the development and use of budgets contribute to Davis Service Group meeting its objectives.  

  • The benefits of budgeting

s careful approach to budgeting is a contributory factor in gaining a competitive advantage.  

  • Budgeting and strategy

This case study looks at the purpose of budgeting, outlining the importance of identifying major variances and taking remedial actions and listing the advantages and disadvantages of budgeting.

  • Controlling cash flow for business growth

This case study looks at how management accountants forecast, monitor and control cash flow in order to maintain the ongoing financial health of businesses.  

  • Decision making techniques

This case study illustrates how management accountants use financial data to help make informed decisions.

  • Sustainability through investment

This case study explores how McCain Foods evaluated the benefits of proposed sustainable energy projects before making major financial investment.  

  • Investment appraisal in action

This case study reviews the analysis that helped Syngenta decide whether to proceed with its 2008 proposal for a new manufacturing capacity that would allow it to increase production of Amistar.

  • Using cost-benefit analysis to appraise investments

This case study examines one major wastewater quality improvement investment made by United Utilities. It shows how important non-financial considerations were in arriving at the best decision.

  • Investing in natural gas: drilling down into the risk

This case study looks at the importance of examining detailed data in making investment decisions and how a calculation involving an investment decision is made.

  • Calculating the risks in making investment decisions

This case study helps students understand investment appraisal and decision making.

  • Raising finance for SMEs

The case study examines the source of finance and the way SMEs find access to it.

Note: If you would like to add the contents of this CD ROM to your school or university network then please select the 'Network licence' option. If this is for your own personal use please select the 'Single user licence' option.
Our CD-ROM volumes have case studies covering a wide variety of real business studies areas from:
Instead of buying all volumes individually, as an alternative you can buy the topics as The Collection which contains all volumes together in one CD ROM or you can buy The Complete Collection which contains all 6 topics and all 15 volumes in one handy CD ROM!


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