In the old days of advertising (e.g. a few decades ago), things were simple: TV, print and radio were the key media for advertisers to convey their Big Idea to large groups of people in a controlled manner.

However, digital technology and the internet, with its explosion of mobile and other web-enabled devices over the past few years, is turning advertising on its head. The number of ways in which people can interact with or experience brands is rapidly increasing. This presents a huge opportunity and a huge challenge for advertisers. (BBC, 20th April 2012)

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau and consultancy PwC, spending on video, mobile and online campaigns increased 14% in 2011 to almost £5 billion.  (The Times newspaper, 3rd April 2012)

Liquid Mountaineering was a viral marketing campaign undertaken by the global leisure footwear brand Hi-Tec.  The results of the campaign show the power of the internet and social media in generating huge audience reaction and improving brand awareness.

Hi-Tec’s promotional activities include press and TV advertising and use of high profile sports characters as endorsements.  However, the challenge was to re-position the Hi-Tec brand as not just for sports enthusiasts but also for an outdoor lifestyle with audiences of all ages.

The Liquid Mountaineering campaign video hosted on YouTube has not only created the sense of adventure and fun the Hi-Tec brand represents, it has also got people talking.  Since June 2010, the video has been viewed over 11.5 million times and spawned further internet blogs and web activity.

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