Protecting public sector jobs


Recent research has shown that the current rate of public sector job losses is far greater than official projections had indicated. It suggests total job cuts in the sector will be 50% higher than forecast. In June 2010, the OBR (a government-appointed body formed last year to make an independent assessment of the government's finances and of the economy) forecast that the government's spending cuts, designed to reduce its budget deficit, would lead to 610,000 public sector job losses between 2010/11 and 2015/16. In November 2010 it reduced this projection to 410,000. However, the CIPD said the public sector job cuts could be far greater than the OBR's latest projections.

The government view is that private sector job creation would more than outweigh losses in the private sector. 'Half a million private sector jobs were created last year and the OBR has forecast that there will be 900,000 more jobs created in the private sector than lost in the public sector by 2015,' the Treasury spokesman said. (BBC, 10th October 2011)

UNISON is Britain and Europe's largest public service union and exists to protect and promote public services as well as its members. More than 1.3 million members work in public services such as the NHS, local authorities, the police service, schools, universities and community and voluntary organisations. UNISON is responding to the current spending cuts in the public sector with a campaign 'A Million Voices for Public Services'.

It has used a range of promotional methods and technologies designed to reach a variety of different audiences. In doing so it is helping people to understand the significance of what is happening within the public sector and what effects government policies may have on public services and the people who work to provide them.

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