Recruitment and Selection

The world of recruitment is changing.The Times newspaper suggests that in the past five years it has undergone a revolution, driven largely by the development of the internet (The Times, 15th April 2007).The article highlights an important milestone, in which the Internet Advertising Bureau and Price Waterhouse Coopers revealed that spending on internet advertising had for the first time overtaken spending on national newspaper advertising.It also emphasises the wider role that recruiters now play, suggesting that they do more than buying press space and drawing up ads.Their remit might now also include employer branding and reputation.

Once a business has received the applications from candidates for a specific job, it is time for the selection process to start.However there are reports that many graduates are lacking essential soft skills such as communication and team working (BBC, 30th January 2007).One team of university students working with the organisation Make the Mark suggests that businesses need to use different selection methods to identify candidates softer skills.The students suggest that a system modelled on BBC 1's The Apprentice could be used as a recruitment tool by companies (BBC, 17th April 2007).In The Apprentice, teams tackle a series of tasks which test business acumen.The contestants performance in these tasks is monitored to allow them to be whittled down by tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.His eventual winner will be given a job.

Try looking at the Times 100 theory section to understand the key terms within the field of recruitment and selection.Also, consider the Times 100 new case studies for Marks and Spencer, National Grid and RWE npower to see what skills and competencies these employers are looking for and how they develop them.

For more information on The Apprentice check out the official web site, which includes video clips and games


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Potential Study Questions:

The Apprentice provides some extremely elaborate tasks for potential candidates to undertake in order for Sir Alan Sugar to be able to assess skills. 
What kind of selection tasks might a business use that assesses candidates soft skills whilst proving more cost-effective than those on The Apprentice?