As the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier, ARM is a business focused on research & development (R&D). Mobile phones, tablet computers, washing machines and network routers all use ARM technology. ARM relies on the high levels of creativity, innovation and knowledge of its people to continue to develop new ideas and provide customers with the benefits of emerging technology. The research process involves inquiry into and discovery of new ideas to solve a problem or create an opportunity. Development involves transforming ideas into a product fit for market. From numerous ideas at the research stage, ARM will take only a few with potential into the development stage.

New products may stem from invention or innovations. Invention is the formulation of new ideas for products or processes. Innovation is the practical application of new inventions into marketable products or services. For example, IBM has developed a robotic sidekick that could soon be helping field engineers fix faulty equipment in remote locations. The innovative new product pairs a GPS-equipped Smartphone with a robot arm. (BBC, 24th April 2013)

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