Building sound customer relationships
A Royal & Sunalliance case study

Page 1: Introduction

Customer service is the whole activity of identifying customer needs, satisfying them fully and keeping them satisfied. In service industries in particular, customer service is best achieved through relationship management, which involves building firm, enduring, business relationships with customers.Royal & SunAlliance is one of the world’s major insurers, with operations in around 50...
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Page 2: Responding to the research evidence

In order to deliver a solution that would meet customer needs, Royal & SunAlliance consulted a sample of its top 200 independent brokers. The results of this research revealed the key elements that brokers were looking for in a partner: relationships at all levels with individuals who are empowered to make decisions a proposition exclusive to themselves financial support to aid their...
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Page 3: The nature of strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships are long term, exclusive partnerships between Royal & SunAlliance and key brokers using the Energy proposition. They are designed to secure the future success of all partners and are based on: a shared vision of the future common goals clear understanding and commitment from everyone involved mutual benefits innovation and integrated solutions. The partnership is not...
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Page 4: Benefits

Energy provides a number of important benefits to key customers.  Services include: training either on-line or in-house marketing support knowledge sharing eg IT and finance use of Royal & SunAlliance facilities advice lines eg legal, financial, Health and Safety and stress counselling financial assistance. Energy participants have already gained from these additional benefits. ...
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Page 5: Monitoring success

All new business initiatives need to be monitored in order to assess performance levels and to make ongoing improvements.  The key indicators used by Royal & SunAlliance to monitor success are: delivery of service standards higher business retention levels profitable growth on existing business increased flow of new business market leadership customer feedback. Ensuring success Making...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Energy required Royal & SunAlliance to re-organise its business and implement a fundamental change in approach in terms of customer segmentation and customer relationship management.  It has helped the business to focus on the relationship between insurer, broker and client with a view to providing solutions to the increasingly varied business needs of customers.  The proposition...
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