The National Trust has successfully raised the money it needed to buy a 0.8 mile section of the White Cliffs of Dover. The appeal, launched in June, reached its £1.2 million total two months earlier than anticipated. More than 16,000 people and organisations have supported the appeal to safeguard the iconic coastline which is home to a variety of important wildlife.

The National Trust now owns the stretch of coastline between the Trust’s visitor centre and South Foreland Lighthouse. The appeal was backed by many household names included chef Rick Stein, actor Richard E Grant and comedian Paul O’Grady.

Alison Burnett, a volunteer with the National Trust, said: “This chalky stretch of coastline symbolises so much for so many people and it’s wonderful to think that we’ve managed to raise the money so that future generations can enjoy all that this unique place has to offer.” (BBC, 7th November 2012)

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