Launching high-end technology products
A Samsung case study

Page 1: Introduction

It is very important that a company develops a coherent marketing strategy for the launch of each individual product in its portfolio. It is of equal importance that these strategies are compatible and support the firm’s overall objectives.This case study examines how Samsung develops new high-tech products and brings them to the mass market on an international level. Although Samsung is a...
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Page 2: Promotion

A common feature of its marketing strategy is promotion, one of the four Ps. Samsung promotes its products in a variety of ways ranging from attending the relevant trade fairs for each of its products, to providing print brochures, posters and specification sheets.Information about products is also available on Samsung’s website and via brochure lines. Brochure lines are 0800 numbers which...
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Page 3: The launch

The launch of new high-tech products is always challenging, particularly when the product is aiming to replace a near universal product such as the video recorder, but the UK DVD market has made a much stronger start than expected. A key factor in the popularity of DVD has been the mass availability of software via retail and rental outlets.There are also problems in the market. One problem is...
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Page 4: Marketing strategy

As TFT monitors are primarily aimed at corporate customers, the marketing strategy adopted by Samsung necessitates a completely different approach. Samsung has identified a potential market amongst business users, whose employees might spend long periods of time in front of a computer screen and need a larger display with better definition. The financial centres in the City have likewise proved an...
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Page 5: Brand building

Samsung is a relative newcomer to the highly competitive world of mobile communications, developing a cellular telecom system as late as the 1990s. Having established itself in the CDMA markets (including USA and Korea), Samsung has now decided to use the GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) network to enter the international markets. As part of the trend towards convergence in the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

By utilising its global qualities and substantial market knowledge, Samsung has developed three distinct marketing strategies to launch three equally high-tech, but different, products.Through successful, diverse approaches to individual markets it has maintained its corporate philosophy - to devote its human resources and technology to the development of a global society through ever better...
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