Kia Motors

Sir James Dyson, the bagless cyclone cleaner inventor, has put up 1.4 million GBP over a 10-year period to sponsor an engineering professorship post in fluid mechanics at Cambridge University.

The appointed professor will be charged with investigating ways of boosting the efficiency of any fan, be it in a cleaner, computer or car dashboard. ‘It’s the kind of research we think universities should be doing,’ said Sir James. ‘What we need is a very good piece of lateral thinking or unusual discovery to make a real breakthrough.’ He added that many Dyson products would benefit from an improved understanding of how air moves, the sources of turbulence and ways to cut noise. (BBC, 24th November 2011)

Sponsorship is a core promotional activity for many companies. Aligning the business to a relevant and high-profile event or activity allows the company to develop PR, build the brand and extend its audience. By sponsoring this academic post, Dyson benefits from enhanced public awareness of the brand, as well as the potentially commercial applications which the research will produce.

As a relatively new entrant to the UK car market, Kia Motors has set its marketing strategy to grow its brand identity. A key strand of its below-the-line promotional activity uses sports sponsorship to increase consumers’ awareness of and create positive association for its products. Click here for lesson resources

By sponsoring well -publicised and exciting sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Australian Tennis Open, Kia promotes the same sense of excitement about its brand to large audiences.

Long term partnerships such as Kia’s five year sponsorship of Surrey County Cricket Club mean that Kia can be seen as a permanent player in the UK car market and will help the business to reach younger consumers earlier, create new audiences for its products and affect future purchasing decisions.