Stakeholder engagement is a key aim for Kellogg’s. Two-way relationships help build trust between Kellogg’s and its stakeholders. Each stakeholder group has different needs. Engaging with each group individually helps Kellogg’s ensure these needs are met. Kellogg’s uses a variety of strategies to maintain positive relationships with its stakeholders. For example, Kellogg’s commitment to its stakeholders and ethical practices is demonstrated through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Kellogg’s focus is on projects where it can make a real impact on issues close to its heart, namely food poverty and sustainable agriculture. Occasionally during the process of warehousing and transporting, packaging can become creased or crumpled. This prevents it being sold through supermarkets and other traditional outlets. Kellogg’s donates these products, plus annual cash donations, to food banks around the world. The food bank then redistributes these items to charities, voluntary organisation and breakfast clubs. According to new figures, the number of people relying on food banks to survive has tripled over the last year. (BBC, 16th October 2013)

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