Standards are vital to any area of work – industrial, scientific and commercial to ensure the product or service is recognised by the user / purchaser as meeting the relevant requirements.

If you are creative and have the means to develop an idea, it can be beneficial to involve organisations such as the British Standards. This organisation publishes guidelines on safety and efficient practices when developing a product which provide a framework for the development of new products. This has a two-way benefit for both the consumer and the innovator. For the consumer it gives confidence that the products they are buying are safe and reliable. For the innovator it means that what they are developing will meet the need of consumers.

Developers who follow guidelines for best practice can build a good reputation for their products. Professor Jo Bradwell, who specialises in medicine at Birmingham University set up his own business to develop tests and equipment for various medical problems. The products have gained such interest that Professor Bradwell is close to selling one part of the business to a European rival. It is expected that some of the money from the sale will be re-invested into the business. Other divisions of the business have also attracted the interest from other rivals and trade investors. (The Times 21/06/2009)