Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the foundations of the industrial and corporate world, and are in high demand by employers. Students gain technical skills they'll need for lifelong careers. STEM subjects don't have be a dull experience; perceptions are changing, especially on the side of science and engineering. STEM skills are essential and contribute to the UKs manufacturing and scientific research output. STEM continues to play an increasingly important role in our technology based society. The skill-set can lead on to a range of exciting and rewarding careers.

Engineering as a career choice (STEM)


Engineering is a hugely profitable and diverse career option. As with the other three STEM subjects, engineering is in high demand, and if science, technology and maths are the foundation of the industrial and corporate world, then engineering is the first of those foundations, providing solutions to many of the problems facing the public, from infrastructure to the economy. The lack of engineers presents a problem to national and global recovery.

There are a variety of top jobs for trained engineers with exciting, high-ranking employers, including: the Army, Rolls Royce and Jaguar Land-Rover.  Graduates gain a transferable skill set that can be applied to a variety of well paid careers, including aerospace engineering, technical writing  and space technology. Last year a UK based higher apprenticeship in space engineering was launched.

Engineering graduates can expect to gain technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, effective communication and organisation skills, enthusiasm and energy alongside a variety of experience and opportunities.

Woman are becoming increasingly interested in STEM subjects, especially engineering, though the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineers in Europe. The misconceptions surrounding engineering are putting a lot of young girls off even taking STEM subjects at A-Level. Those misconceptions need to be challenged in order to engage with girls to show what a thriving career option engineering is.

For many the term 'engineer' itself doesn't have the respect or glamour of lawyers or doctors, instead it's associated with long days, working outside in the cold and minimum wage. Perhaps the most common misconception is that engineering is just about building, which isn't helped with the lack of engaging education in schools. With careers in bioscience to military and energy, young people need to see what they're missing and they can do by reading up on the companies below.

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