Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the foundations of the industrial and corporate world, and are in high demand by employers. Students gain technical skills they'll need for lifelong careers. STEM subjects don't have be a dull experience; perceptions are changing, especially on the side of science and engineering. STEM skills are essential and contribute to the UKs manufacturing and scientific research output. STEM continues to play an increasingly important role in our technology based society. The skill-set can lead on to a range of exciting and rewarding careers.

Mathematics as a career choice


Of all the STEM subjects, maths is the one that is regularly dismissed as challenging and boring. Maths, however, plays a valuable role in technology and economy. Maths is able to solve real world problems and is, by its very nature, problem solving. Pursuing an education in maths equips students with lifelong and useful skills.

There are many careers on offer for maths graduates, careers that young people may not be aware of. One of the most surprising prospects is a career as an astronaut, which requires a fundamental understanding of mathematics. Maths is surprisingly flexible, offering a range of high paying careers as a diverse as a hydrologist, architect and accountant.

Many employers require maths graduates, from Ford, the Bank of England to the Royal Air Force. Maths offers a lot more flexibility than a lot of young people realise, with the majority of companies needing maths skills in one shape or form.

Many women are being put off of a career in STEM subjects, including maths, for the option to raise a family instead. By showcasing the links between mathematics and everyday life, interest in numeracy can be nurtured and lead onto prosperous careers, proving that it doesn't have to be a choice between a family and a STEM career.

Maths is one of the hardest subjects to get young people excited about, teachers need to be imaginative and creative with their methods in order to engage students and highlight the bright and well paid career prospects on offer.

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