Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the foundations of the industrial and corporate world, and are in high demand by employers. Students gain technical skills they'll need for lifelong careers. STEM subjects don't have be a dull experience; perceptions are changing, especially on the side of science and engineering. STEM skills are essential and contribute to the UKs manufacturing and scientific research output. STEM continues to play an increasingly important role in our technology based society. The skill-set can lead on to a range of exciting and rewarding careers.

Science as a career choice (STEM)


There are a variety of sciences, each offering unique, important and engaging career options that tackle global problems, from medicine to environment and astronomy. Science has improved the lives of billions and continues to make advances that benefit the entire globe. By studying science, students are able to get involved with groundbreaking studies, experiments and solutions, and apply their skills to some of the biggest concerns facing the 21st century.

Science jobs are among the highest paying in the world. Though science is split into three parts, biology being the most popular, there is a huge range behind the three major sciences, including marine biology, forensic science and toxicology.

Woman are being put off scientific careers because of family pressures and workplace bias, studies show. Efforts have been made to create more diversity in STEM careers, though woman are still under-represented. Plenty is being done to tackle this problem, young girls perhaps aren't aware of the full range and scope of science jobs available. Showcasing the impact and effect their work could potentially have on society might get them excited about taking STEM subjects.

Science has undergone a makeover, for many young people it's now seen as cool thanks to the growing role science plays in everyday life and with celebrities like DR Brian Cox and Dara O'Brien making down-to-earth, relatable and generally engaging science programmes. When students aren't able to engage with science in the classroom they don't want to go on and take the subject at A-Level.

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