Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the foundations of the industrial and corporate world, and are in high demand by employers. Students gain technical skills they'll need for lifelong careers. STEM subjects don't have be a dull experience; perceptions are changing, especially on the side of science and engineering. STEM skills are essential and contribute to the UKs manufacturing and scientific research output. STEM continues to play an increasingly important role in our technology based society. The skill-set can lead on to a range of exciting and rewarding careers.

Technology as a career choice (STEM)


Technology is playing a more and more important role, both in personal and professional life. The growth of the video game, mobile phone and home computer industries has shaped the lives of young people and has significantly changed social interaction and communication. With regular technological advancements in medicine, and charities like Witness relying on mobile phone footage, technology is greatly benefiting the world.

Technology also offers a new tool in education, one able to engage with students and get them interested in technology as a career option. Social media can also play a huge part in engaging young people in order to get them interested  and interacting with the world around them.

The different uses for technology has created a wide range of interesting careers in software/web developing, game design and cloud computing. Many of these careers consist of diverse teams working together towards one goal.

Companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have changed the work environment, giving it an overhaul that many young people want to get involved in, and with opportunities offered by Youtube there are many entry levels into the world of technology careers.

Inspiration needs to happen in the classroom and too few students are getting inspired by how they're being taught. By engaging young people in the classroom, a lifelong interest and ambition can develop into a vibrant career in the technology industry.

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