Organisations are major users of energy supplies, especially manufacturing industries such as McCain Foods. As the world's largest producer of frozen chips, McCain Foods looked at ways to reduce its energy costs through an investment appraisal. The results showed that the investment in its own on-site wind turbines and wastewater treatment system would provide an alternative and sustainable energy supply recouping the costs after 5 years. In the long term this gives the business a competitive edge.

A sustainable energy supply is not only the responsibility of businesses. The government wants to encourage households to produce their own energy supply, using solar panels or wind turbines, as part of its aims to reduce greenhouse gases by 2020. Grants will be available to encourage households to install alternative energy sources although this will not be available for everyone. With or without grants, individuals can also make investments to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. (The Sunday Times, 19th July)

However or whatever methods are used to reduce our energy costs, there is a responsibility for both businesses and individuals to make changes.