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Below is a list of case studies taken from the Finance section of Business Case Studies. Choose your sub topic from the list of arrowed links below the Finance heading.

Finance resources for teachers

Cash flow

  Controlling cash flow for business growth

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Downloadable ePoster available
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Demonstrates the process used to reach 'net cash flow' using a flow diagram supported with context of management accountants. Digital download prints in A3 size. – £3.49

Investment appraisal

  Using cost-benefit analysis to appraise investments

  Investment appraisal in action

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Investment decision making
Investment appraisal nvp
Investment appraisal payback and arr
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Downloadable ePoster available
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Shows investment appraisal in context at Syngenta, looking at payback, discounted cash flows and average rate return. Digital download prints in A3 size. – £3.49

  Sustainability through investment

  Investing in natural gas: drilling down into the risks

What is ‘Finance’?

Finance case studies cover the strategic approach to finance (e.g. setting financial objectives) as well as tools for analysing financial data in the business.

Key topics include:

  • Sources of finance - for business start-up as well as growing a business
  • Financial records and how to use them - e.g. balance sheets, profit and loss accounts
  • Setting and monitoring budgets as well as interpreting and analysing accounts
  • Looking at methods of evaluating the viability of the business, e.g. ratio analysis, gearing
  • Understanding the importance of cash flow to the business
  • Using investment appraisal tools to help decide if investment is justified and what outcomes it might deliver (e.g. break-even, annual rate of return, discounted cash flow, net present value)