NATS are a leading air traffic service provider and always keen to grow and innovate. The company are conducting research into the use and benefits of Datalink (instructions passed between air traffic controllers and pilots using data) in lower airspace. They’re using live flight trials travelling between Bristol and Edinburgh, Bristol and Rome Fiumicino and a further four routes between Scotland and Scandinavia.

While the use of Datalink is permitted above a certain altitude in European airspace, the NATS trials aim to prove the benefits in airspace as low as 10,000ft, whilst maintaining tried and tested safety procedures. There have been over ten successful flights so far, with the Datalink being received positively.

The trials are going to run until June of this year since initial development in 2012. (, 26 March 2014)

To see what’s involved with NATS strategies and long-term growth, check out their case study:

‘Effective strategies for long-term growth