The marketing mix (the four Ps) is a means of assessing how an organisation can balance the four key elements of product, price, place and promotion in order to meet customers’ needs and achieve its sales objectives.

Promotion covers all the tools and techniques by which an organisation markets its products and services. The National Trust is focusing on a promotion strategy that highlights what the Trust can offer its visitors and members as well as promoting National Trust jobs. The Trust is using digital media and social networking sites such as Facebook to highlight the huge variety of roles it offers.

Another form of promotion is sponsorship. For example, Rangers Football Club has announced a new five-year partnership deal with sports brand Puma. Puma will feature on all of the club’s team kit, replica kit, training wear and equipment. It is hoped that the sponsorship will improve the distribution of club merchandise in the UK and overseas. (BBC, 28th February 2013)

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