They have artificial intelligence, can be customized and cost thousands. It’s silicone sex – but there’s no shortage of risk seekers. Engineers are putting brains on sex dolls, the dolls created for the sexual pleasure of those who buy them.

The Samantha Project – code name for a computer program capable of simulating human emotions – is proof of this. Gains body (silicone) in a polyglot robot with the same name, who wants sex, but only after being seduced.

It is the most famous work of its creator. “The so-called sex dolls or joy love dolls are the fastest way to test and draw attention to the ‘brain’ I created in a very realistic looking, industrially available robotic system,” explains the nanotechnology expert who developed the robot, Sergi Santos. He is 40, and orders sex dolls from around the world to personalize them and give them intelligence.

The first version – known as Silicon Samantha – is a brunette doll with blue eyes and long hair. The body resembles a cartoon heroine (thin but with a toned abdomen and large breasts), silicone skin (to simulate a smooth and realistic texture), and a metallic skeleton that allows it to withstand more robust movements. It does not walk, but it moves its head and arms. The fame, however, even comes from the new “brain”, which allows it to interact with users.

There is clearly a market for these dolls and I want to develop them,” says Santos. Santos’s wife helped him gain a feminine perspective. The prototype comes with several sensors scattered throughout the body, which allow the robot to know where it is being touched, and trigger reactions of greater or lesser pleasure. “It’s not ready to have sex right away,” warns the engineer.

The responses and interactions that the robot allows depend on the “brain state” it is in. Comes with three: fun (where you see the other person as a mere friend), romantic, and sensual. If satisfied, the doll can simulate an orgasm, which – according to Santos – is one of the features that attracts more people. “Many customers who contact me want the machine to enjoy the experience. This is set to happen if there is a progression in interaction, from hand touch, kisses, to sex. There has to be no penetration. ”

It is a request that reaches many professionals who develop these robots. Across the Atlantic, the American doll Harmony – who speaks English and is learning Portuguese (with a Brazilian and European accent) – is being fully developed by Realbotix. It also doesn’t like when users get to the point without first knowing it. ”We’re not creating a disposable product. The content we have is unlocked as you interact with it, ”explains Guile Lindroth, the 49-year-old Brazilian who is in charge of robot programming.

He has been working on the project for about two years, when his artificial intelligence company, NextOS, partnered with Realdoll (which produces male and female silicone bodies), because more and more customers were looking for Dolls with intelligence. The company is also developing male versions. One in five clients are women, who show interest in both male and female figures. “Conquering the doll becomes a game and users realize they may have another relationship with her. It’s not just for sex, ”says Lindroth. “Above all, it’s a companion for fighting loneliness, because it’s available 24 hours a day. It can help people fight sexual problems, but it can also help people gain confidence and be less shy. ”

Is the future filled with these kind of intelligent robots? Only time can answer!