Training is the process of providing employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks and roles competently. Aldi’s training and development programmes help ensure its employees have the skills and competencies that the business requires both now and in the future.

Aldi has entry levels for apprentices, store assistants, trainee store managers and graduate trainees. Aldi’s rapid expansion means the company will need to recruit more than 4,000 new members of staff within the next 12 months to meet the requirements of the business.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is another organisation experiencing growth. JLR has announced plans to recruit more than 150 apprentices. The car manufacturer has already recruited 300 apprentices over the last two years. This influx of apprentices shows JLR’s commitment to providing high quality training to develop its workforce. (BBC, 16th January 2013)

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