Transforming the marketplace
An case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Internet has been around since 1969. It started as a defence network that linked the computers of a few researchers and military bases. Today, it is widely accessible, providing a broad range of services and opportunities to people and businesses across the world. The Internet has become a magnet for some of the world’s major businesses, who have seen opportunities for this form of...
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Page 2: Marketing strategy

Since Umbro’s change of ownership in 1999, the company has had to rethink its marketing strategy. As well as pioneering latest technologies in products, the time was right for using other technologies to target youthful people in a way that would meet their specific needs more closely. This process is known as segmentation, a process in which the marketplace is divided into smaller...
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Page 3: Developing a promotional campaign

Marketers face the real challenge of developing new skills in the area of ecommerce. They have to create a website that users will want to visit, repeat visit and find exciting on each occasion they choose to visit. There are three Cs of good web marketing. These are: Content - what drives people to a website. This might include news, interviews or a product offering. With access to over 750...
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Page 4: Market research

Before developing a promotional strategy designed to reach customers and reflect the positive values of a brand, it is necessary to construct a market research plan. Market research is necessary in order to understand the profile of the youthful customers targeted by the promotional campaign. It is also important for you to establish what perceptions members of the targeted market have of...
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Page 5: Message and media

Message The important part of any promotional campaign is to communicate a key message that must be clear and consistent throughout the activities of the campaign. The message is the central point of any campaign on which all other activities are focused. It should be both creative and relate to the brand’s positioning. It is important to keep the message focused upon the audience. For...
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Page 6: Conclusion

UMBRO.COM has quickly developed into a new method of communicating with young people. It has used the name ‘Umbro’ to develop a new type of marketing strategy to appeal specially to another audience.By focusing UMBRO.COM on the youth market, it hopes not just to generate a positive image for itself and the Umbro brand amongst youngsters, but also to develop a new concept in...
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