Hula Hoops - emphasising the core values of the brand
A United Biscuits case study

Page 7: Using advertising to emphasise core values

Advertising is the most powerful way of raising the visibility of a product. For example, it helps to explain the success of new products like Tango in recent years and the strengthening of existing products such as Pot Noodles and, of course, soap powders and detergents.

Some of the most memorable television advertising in 1996 involved Hula Hoops. Prior to this period Hula Hoops had never had a clear, long term proposition, advertising property or campaign. As with most snack brands its advertising had tended towards trendy images and a play on the name. As a result, consumers had never been exposed in a sustained way to the core values of the product.

United Biscuits | Hula Hoops - emphasising the core values of the brand


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