Stakeholders in recycling and re-use
A Vodafone case study

Page 4: Internal stakeholders

The most obvious internal stakeholders are Vodafone's employees. Other examples may be individuals and groups who are members of the organisation, for example, Board members. Everything that Vodafone does is directed at achieving six strategic goals. Two of these goals are:

  • to be the UK's communications leader
  • to be a leader in corporate responsibility

These goals are clearly relevant to employees who wish to work for a great company. Employees can feel proud that their company is not only the industry leader in providing a communications network, but also a leader in corporate responsibility.

Corporate responsibility

Vodafone employees play an important part in supporting corporate responsibility. This is demonstrated by working practices. Wherever possible, employees reduce waste, for example, by communicating electronically and by turning off equipment to save energy. Employees can support Vodafone's recycling policy, for example, by returning their unwanted mobile phones through the Fonebak system.

Vodafone | Stakeholders in recycling and re-use



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