The advantages of sponsorship
A Vodafone case study

Page 6: Sponsorship deal with Manchester United

In February 2000 Manchester United and Vodafone UK announced a commercial alliance. Through this, Vodafone became the principal sponsor as well as the telecommunications and equipment service partner of the club. The four-year agreement started on 1st June 2000. It was a logical step for Vodafone to seek ties with Manchester United. Due to Manchester United's global appeal, the dual branding process that Vodafone is currently progressing means that sponsoring such a renowned sporting team, exposes the Vodafone name in countries where it may not have been previously known.

Top companies look to be identified with excellence and are happy to be associated with it. Both Vodafone and Manchester United are seeking to be the best in what they do and in pioneering new ideas. Both brands have a global appeal. Manchester United has a massive supporter base, including areas such as the Far East. These supporters represent potential customers for Vodafone. Clearly, the deal fits with Vodafone's marketing objectives of obtaining new customers, keeping its present ones and continuing to develop the brand. In addition, Vodafone is able to develop new value added services specifically for Manchester United fans.

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