Using Business Principles to support ethical communication
A Vodafone case study

Page 1: Introduction

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In 1985 the first mobile phone call was made on the Vodafone network. This is now one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. In the UK alone, more than 15 million people use the Vodafone service. It now has interests in 27 countries and it partners networks in a further 27 countries. Its vision is to 'be the world's mobile communications leader'. This case study looks at...
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Page 2: Communication - channels and barriers

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There are two main ways of sending information verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication involves people talking to one another. Non-verbal contact may include visual and written material. If verbal communication is face-to-face, then there is also a non-verbal element through body language. It is important to Vodafone to reduce the number and types of barrier to...
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Page 3: External communication with customers

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Vodafone has developed a set of ten Business Principles. These Business Principles give a plain and moral pathway to help guide the actions of employees. One principle relates to communications where Vodafone states: 'We will communicate openly and transparently with all of our stakeholders within the bounds of commercial confidentiality.' Vodafone expects these Principles to help reduce...
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Page 4: External communication with other stakeholders

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As well as customers, Vodafone has a number of other key stakeholder groups that are important to its business success. Vodafone applies the same open and transparent communication Principle here. Communication with such a wide variety of stakeholders is complex. Vodafone has to adapt and direct communications so they are appropriate for each stakeholder group.It has a programme to engage with all...
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Page 5: Internal communications

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These take place inside an organisation. The internal stakeholders are the employees. There are many forms of contact between them. Employees work in various parts of the Vodafone organisation and have different roles to carry out. A key tool to promote better communciation in a fast-changing world is an intranet. Communciation flows vertically - from the top down, from senior to junior...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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For companies to be responsible, they must have a range of Principles that clarify how they make decisions. Vodafone's Principle of ´open and transparent´? communication builds trust and loyalty with customers and employees. Vodafone's approach to communicating internally and externally with stakeholders is an investment in its future. Its Principle of ´open and...
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