What New Tech Can Improve Your Sleep


Most of us will think only about the negatives between the connection of sleep and technology. Experts will advise us to stay away from electronic devices and gadgets during the evening time to avoid the artificial blue light stimulation. It produces a suppressed amount of melatonin and also makes it difficult to fall asleep. You may fail to think that technology will assist in numerous ways for us to get better sleep.

It will be helpful if you are waking up & feel well-rested, staying asleep, or falling asleep. The technology can assist you to work out for maximizing your quality of sleep. Find below the list of the handiest tech that helps you to enhance your sleep quality.

Muse S Headband

In 2014, the Muse brand started its original & brain-sensing mediation headband to the marketplace. On 5th January 2020, Muse S launched the new headband iteration that assists the users for better sleep. Make use of your mobile phone for connecting the Muse app and turn on the Muse S headband. It will start working with comfortable & efficient fabric headband.

The Muse S headband will utilize the Soundscapes, a feature that works with voice guidance. Created with sounds for reflecting each movement, heart rate, and brain activity. These are real-time layered sounds to reflect the mental states & physical changes for making you sleep.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones use active noise control technology to reduce unwanted ambient sounds. Noise-canceling headphones for sleeping are commonly available across the online marketplace but not all of them are great for sleep. Unlike passive noise-canceling headphones, they use soundproofing techniques to reduce ambient sounds. It is possible for noise cancellation for listing to music tracks or audio content without increasing the volume control.

Active cancelation is much more efficient at helping you to fall asleep in permanently noisy environments like vehicles or airliners. Noise-canceling headphones within the aviation environment can enhance the noise-to-signal ratio when compared with passive noise headphones. No other headphones will help the passenger to easily hear the important safety announcements like this model. Without any distracting concurrent activity, you can listen enough with this improved noise-canceling headphone.

Contactless Sleep Tracker (Emfit QS)

Emfit QS (Quantified Sleep), the most powerful solution available across the online platform for contactless sleep tracking. It is utilized by various endurance athletes, skiers, runners, cyclists, and professional tri-athletes. It is an automatic device and also the sensor pads of flex-material are installed under your mattress. It provides a comprehensive analysis or reports based on the following parameters. They are balancing the automatic nervous system, time, sleep stages, sleep quality, heart rate, and physical recovery. At CES 2018, Emfit had successfully launched its latest sleep-tracking technology.


It may be tricky to sleep if you are feeling too cold or too hot. This problem can be sorted out by the Smartduvet. You are allowed to set your duvet with the desired temperature before going to bed using your mobile phone. You along with your sleeping partner are also allowed to personalize the bed sizes. Again morning, the Smartduvet can easily blow air by pumping into your bed within the inflatable layer of your duvet. All these tasks can be easily performed by tapping an icon in the Smartduvet app.

Mattress Cooler (Kryo’s App-controlled)

Overheating is another most common reason for everyone to get a poor night’s sleep. The overheating problem will be caused by any material and noticeable while sleeping on a hard surface or foam. The best solution is to utilize the 2.5-inch ventilated gel ISOLUS cooling mattress. Instead of purchasing a new mattress, it is advisable to get the mattress topper for use. Kryo Company has manufactured the cooling mattress and patent-pending topper.

This Sleep System will utilize the best water-based system for controlling the mattress temperature. Make use of the smartphone to control and the app will easily determine your preferred or ideal temperatures. Based on your sleeping cycles and last 10 night data, it can easily adjust the entire nighttime. You can enhance sleep quality and Kryo will easily connect with numerous apps like Jawbone, Fitbit, and NEST.