Forecasts are looking good for Whitbread, Britain’s largest hotel and coffee shop Company. They’ve recently stated that their full-year results would reach the top end of the market, due to the increasing demand across its Premier Inn hotels, Costa Coffee shops and other restaurant businesses, such as Brewers Fayre, helping push up sales during the Christmas quarter.

Budgets are tight and people have had to become more careful with what they spend and how much. Cost-conscious customers have been getting wise, putting huge demand on affordable hotels and, along with the nations love for takeaway coffee, Whitbread is doing well. The company have set their sights on further expansions, both nationally and internationally, planning to add 4,500 new rooms to its UK Premier Inn network throughout 2014-15.

What does that actually mean when it comes to the numbers? Well, the company has stated that their fourth-quarter like-for-like sales rose by 6.8% during the 11 weeks up until February 13, not a bad increase when compared to the 4.3% figure from its last quarter. For more number crunching, full details are given in the article.

For more on Whitbread and how you can get involved, check out their careers information., 27 Feb 2014