Creating quality customer care
A Zurich case study

Page 1: Introduction

Zurich Insurance Group provides insurance and other financial services to both individuals and businesses. The group has more than 130 years experience and is one of the world’s largest insurance groups. It has more than 60,000 employees and operates in over 170 countries. In the UK alone, Zurich has over two million live policies and each month its Life business handles 300,000 interactions...
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Page 2: What is quality?

Quality can be described as ‘fit for purpose’. Note that quality does not necessarily equate to ‘luxury’. For example, if someone wants to hire an economical and easy-to-park car, then a model such as a Smart car would adequately meet the customer’s need so would be fit for purpose. Providing anything of a higher standard would be an unnecessary cost. Quality is...
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Page 3: Managing quality

Quality control Quality can be managed in several ways. It can be measured at the end of a process to make sure that any sub-standard products do not reach customers.  This is known as quality control (QC). This procedure is most often used in product manufacturing. The process involves testing a sample of the product as it comes off the production line. Putting things right at the end of a...
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Page 4: Measuring quality

In order to measure quality, a business needs to establish key measures to track how well it is meeting standards. It could, for example, measure how many customers buy other products from the company (repeat business) or how fast it responds to customer queries (customer response rates). Zurich’s UK Life business deals with over half a million calls, emails and letters a month. Just 0.3% of...
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Page 5: Benefits of managing quality

There are costs involved in setting up systems to manage and improve quality. It requires staff to spend time in training or in monitoring processes. It requires investment in quality measurement systems. The costs of running large-scale customer surveys are significant both in time and money. However, direct feedback is essential in order that a business understands what its customers think about...
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Page 6: Conclusion

A quality product or service is one that does what it is supposed to do - that is, meet customer requirements for its target market. For a business, therefore, quality is based on knowing what customers need and expect and meeting these demands. A business that is serious about quality does more. Zurich aims not only to meet customer expectations, but also to exceed them. Zurich puts quality at...
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