The benefits of budgeting
A Zurich case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Zurich 17 Image 16The Zurich brand is associated with trust and reliability. Quality is at the heart of its customer appeal.

However, it is also about innovation and being an industry leader, both in its operations and responding quickly to emerging risks and opportunities. This allows Zurich to deliver what matters when it matters.

The budgeting process is a source of competitive advantage. Effective budgeting requires careful research and realistic planning as well as collaboration. It can help to set high objectives or move the business into new territory. The level of ‘stretch’ or challenge in a budget will depend on an organisation’s culture and ambition. Some businesses may be prepared to accept a higher risk profile for a better return. This in turn will depend on the influence of key stakeholders, such as shareholders.

To ensure the company has the capability to achieve its aims, Zurich employs graduates and finance professionals who are skilled in managing and interpreting budget dashboards.

Zurich | The benefits of budgeting


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