About Us

Business Case Studies is a unique, powerful and immediate resource established in 1995. This section of our website is for our premium case study downloads.

Business case studies are created in collaboration with world-leading organisations for use by schools, colleges and universities in the UK and around the world. Premium case study downloads are those that are no longer sponsored by the subject company. Unsponsored case studies are still available the read online without downloading.

Each case study is constructed around a key element of the business studies curriculum and uses real information from the sponsoring company. These real life examples help students engage with the topics and learn the complexities of business.

Sponsored resources provide a wide range additional study tools – all of which can be sourced on Business Case Studies. These include:

  • Lesson plans and worksheets . to support teachers and students. learning
  • PowerPoint summaries of the studies . as revision or classroom aids
  • MP3 podcasts of the studies . for learning on the move
  • Simplified and shorter versions of the studies – for inclusion in the classroom
  • Links to the companies involved . for further research
  • Revision quizzes, crosswords and word searches . to make learning fun

Unsponsored downloads are limited to:

  • PDF versions of the full case study
  • MP3 podcasts of the studies . for learning on the move