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Sat at a desk all day? 5 revitalising ways to get moving

Whether you are in the office full-time or are working from the comfort of your own home, the chances are that you feel sluggish...

GFSI Certification & Its Importance

The GFSI, or Global Food Safety Initiative, is an organization established in 2000 to identify standards of food safety under certain requirements. A GFSI...

How to Select the Best Monitor for Reducing Eye Strain

Often, consumers don't think much when picking a computer monitor or screen. However, its material has a significant influence on your comfort and productivity,...

Best diet for working long hours

Staying in shape can be hard when you are working long hours. Losing weight is a combination of eating right, exercising, and getting enough...

Is protein bars healthy for you and should you eat them every day

Are you addicted to protein bars? Well, I have one every day. That is also the case with many other people. But is it...

What does organic really mean on food labels

It hasn’t been long since the organic term appealed on images of health food stores, departmental stores, and farmers markets where off branded fruits...

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