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Business Acquisition

Company Sold For Millions After Turnaround

Murray Duncan approached KSA Group via their website www.companyrescue.co.uk 10 years ago when his company, Paralaw Limited, was facing severe financial distress and cash...

5 Negotiation Tips to Consider When Buying a Business

For those thinking about buying a business, the current economic situation represents a major opportunity. Business owners face various challenges, not least the growing...

5 Tips for Managing Multiple Businesses

Do you already own and operate multiple businesses? Or, are you considering starting another business? Running more than one business is challenging, but it...

Buying a business without a broker

When looking to open a business venture, most people would naturally think of building one from scratch. Even so, starting from the ground up...

Should you buy an existing business?

Img source Running a business can be fun, exciting, and profitable. However, you should realize that starting a business is going to be costly and very difficult....

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