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Crypto Regulation

Exploring Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations in the Cryptocurrency Sector

The threat of illegal financial activities requires strict supervision. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for cryptocurrencies serves as the protection measure against such threats, ensuring the...

What’s Happening with Cryptocurrency Regulation?

Regulation in the cryptocurrency market is something of a complex and controversial topic. For many owners of cryptocurrency, the lack of regulation has been...

Can Bitcoin Be Regulated?

Bitcoin can be defined as a computerized currency legislated by a decentralized network of consumers and is not accountable to the apex banking government...

The UK is going to update its crypto laws

There are a lot of changes in the financial market since the past year as it was the year of major changes. The global...

Can safetrading help you to choose good Crypto services?

The best thing about cryptocurrency trading is that you are able to choose the service that was checked by professionals. But where to find these...

Cryptocurrencies will affect the financial future

Ongoing interest in cryptocurrency has led to much excitement and concern in some quarters. With the UK not yet regulating bitcoin or any other digital currency...

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